About Us

Jamie West, Cert. Fm, Principal

35 years a professional communicator and communications consultant including investigative journalism, one on one interviews, radio and television debate moderating, writing, teaching and producing. Co-host and producer of Divorce Solutions Podcast.     

Proud and committed father of a son and two daughters.   

Communications Expert

I am as much a communication expert within the Family Law context as I am within my corporate and journalism background.    

I couldn’t believe what I didn’t know going into the Family Law system and how completely wrong my assumptions were and how handing over power and trusting the “system” to get it right are dangerous and unnecessary risks to take with your future, your kids future and your money.

Unexpected Education

The education I received in the Family Law system was unexpected and very expensive. I now work exclusively through Family Mediation helping families develop settlement plans that are child focussed and help each person retain their dignity.

I am well networked in the fields of Family Law, Social Work, and Therapy. I can help you establish the correct criteria for hiring these professionals prior beginning a Family Mediation process.

a word about lawyers…

Lawyers, particularly those who choose to focus their practice solely on Family Law are not like the ones we watch on TV and in movies. Most are very caring and compassionate professionals who themselves want to see families settle their matter outside of Court. I strongly encourage all of my clients going into a Family Mediation process to seek independent legal advice prior to and throughout the process. The Mediator is a there to reduce the time it takes for you to negotiate the issues at hand, which in turn reduces stress and saves money. However, it’s Family Lawyers who at the end of the mediation process make sure that your separation agreement will meet the standards required by the court in order for it to become a final order. They are very important and it’s important that you have the right one.

Divorce Communications

 If you don’t have children, then you have one less thing to be worried about. If you do have children then learning the most effective, professional and emotionally detached methods to communicate with professionals in the system will benefit them greatly.

Remember, you can’t control how your ex thinks or behaves. You can however control yourself. Let me help show you how to control your thinking, your emotions, your behaviour, and your decisions to achieve a better outcome for your family.