Separated? Divorced?

Thinking about either one?

Let us show you how to save money, time, and stress.

Communication is everything! How you communicate with your ex or soon to be ex, your lawyer, other family law professionals, your friends and family is critical at this upsetting time in your life.

The Real Cost of Divorce

Your emotions are running high and that’s understandable but it’s not a good thing. Through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes like Family Mediation, I can show you a better way to settle the main issues of your separation/divorce. Family Mediation can protect your emotional health and that of your children while preserving important financial resources for them as well.
Going to court and engaging in Family Court litigation should be reserved as a last resort and only for the most complex and high conflict cases. It’s slow, very slow. Not days or weeks but months and years and the Family Law system is more backed up than ever. Think of what that will cost you in stress, time off work and real hard earned dollars.
If you know your emotions are a liability to you right now then I can offer communication coaching in advance of entering a Family Mediation process to prepare you to be more productive and efficient in getting your separation/divorce issues resolved. Sometimes we just need to be heard. At Westpro Mediation and Consulting, we hear you, but more than that, we listen.

The Family Law System

Take it from me, I’ve been there and have learned through direct experience how challenging divorce can be, especially if the parties don’t remain child focussed and emotionally balanced. I have been a professional communications consultant, journalist, and interviewer for over 30 years. The time I’ve spent in the Family Law system has been stressful beyond belief but I’ve learned valuable lessons and have had experiences that I am willing to share with you so that you don’t make the costly communication errors and assumptions I made along the way. 

Family Mediation and communications coaching increase your chances of realizing better outcomes than jumping to Family Court where you will find no winners but simply varying degrees of loss. However, I can help you mitigate your losses so that you can move on with your life and put the pain behind you. I’m not a lawyer or a therapist, social worker, or accountant. I’m first and foremost a Family Mediator and a dedicated father, and I am extremely familiar with the ins and outs and ups and downs of the family law system.     

I have lived it all. I understand what you are going through and I can help. 

Experiential Expertise

Chances are you’re mixed up, angry and hurt or worse vengeful. I will show you why those thoughts and emotions are absolutely useless to achieving your objectives and how costly they are in terms of lost time, mental and physical health and the evaporation of your money and your children’s money. Family Mediation may be a much better choice, even if your matter is high-conflict, we can help.